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Hello everyone, I'm Frederica Burden, now that I have introduced myself, you can call me Freddie. I would like to welcome you to the Secret Society, where traveling through Miami can get pretty intense and strange things take place when you least expect them to.

Welcome to Miami! 

When the sun-kissed beaches and clear blue skies fade into the darkness things really heat up. Miami nights give way to tantalizing temptations that can excite and coerce the darkness out of even the best of us. Sidney Stevens is learning this the hard way.

A young, vibrant woman, Sidney is on a mission to pursue her dreams. Unbeknownst to everyone else, Sidney also has a goal that she will stop at nothing to see through.

Losing her father to police brutality at a very young age became the catalyst in Sidney’s life, setting her family on a spiral that she desperately tries to end.

Once an Explorer in the police department, she learned a great deal about law enforcement, which she intends to use to bring her father’s killers to justice. The only thing standing in her way is her heart. There are two love interests in Sidney’s life and she’s forced to choose.

Two is company...

Major Marcus Mystic is her former boss and her current love interest. Since the day she met him, she has been fixated on the handsome, intelligent, virile man. A complex man with an even more complicated home life, Mystic has secrets that could get them both killed. Will Sidney be the one to save him or will their love lead to destruction?

Three is a crowd

Officer Arturo Garcia is her former coworker and mentor. A sexy police officer with a rough edge and muscular body, Garcia has had Sidney’s attention for years. There’s no denying the red-hot attraction between the two. There’s also no denying the secrets that threaten to explode in a fiery storm engulfing them all in flames. Everyone won’t make it out alive.

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About the Author & Speaker

Frederica Paremore Burden graduated from Barry University (Miami Shores, Florida) with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing, and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Thomas University (Miami Gardens, Florida).

She worked for 28 years with the City of Miami Police Department, in various units throughout the department, including undercover details. Frederica was also a calendar model for the Police Department. She has three (3) sons and currently works as an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College School of Justice.

A frequent speaker on the topics of corporate diversity and inclusion, self-empowerment, adult bullying and pursuing your passion after 40, Frederica Burden lives in Florida.

To schedule Frederica for a keynote speaking engagement, online chat, conference or book club meeting via speaker phone, Skype, Facebook Live or Group Chat, Twitter chat, Zoom, or a FaceTime meet-up simply email her at or contact her via the CONTACT page of this website. She would love to meet your group in person or provide a written interview for your blog! She is also available for Internet radio interviews.

Miami Beat: The Secret Society is her debut suspense novel. Books are available at online retailers in print and digital format. You can learn more about upcoming releases and events by signing up for our monthly newsletter at:

What Our Readers Are Saying

The book was well written. The author made you want to not put the book down because of wanting to know what happened next. I love when a book leave you hanging in suspense that for sure tells me it's going to be a part 2 and I can't wait!


Phyllis Yarbrough


Wow!! What a great read! I couldn't put the book down and primarily because of the intensity. Definitely a two thumbs up! I highly recommend it. Kudos to the author. I can't wait for the sequel!


Kenia F.


This was a great read! I couldn't put the book down. The chapters are short and full of juicy details; the characters are vibrant and fun. This story definitely has potential to be a great series!


Reinaldo Torres


Great read, characters came alive, couldn’t put the book down!!!


Dawn Ann


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