Frederica Paremore Burden

Frederica Paremore Burden

A frequent speaker on the topics of corporate diversity and inclusion, self-empowerment, adult bullying and pursuing your passion after 40, Frederica Burden lives in Florida. To schedule Frederica for a keynote speaking engagement, online chat, conference or book club meeting via speaker phone, Skype, Facebook Live or Group Chat, Twitter chat, Zoom, or a FaceTime meet-up simply email her at Frederica would love to meet your group in person or provide a written interview for your blog! She is also available for Internet radio interviews.

Black Pearls Interview – Miami Beat II: Dilemmas

Frederica Paremore Burden graduated from Barry University (Miami Shores, Florida) with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing, and a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from St. Thomas University (Miami Gardens, Florida).

She worked for 28 years with the City of Miami Police Department, in various units throughout the department, including undercover details. Frederica was also a calendar model for the Police Department. She has three (3) sons and currently works as an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College School of Justice.

Her debut novel Miami Beat: The Secret Society was published spring 2018. Miami Beat II: Dilemmas is her follow-up erotic suspense novel. You can learn more about upcoming releases in the series at:

BPM: It is such a pleasure to have you join us to discuss Miami Beat II: Dilemmas. Describe yourself in three words.

FPB: The three words that describe me are: Funny, Observant and Picky.

BPM: What enticed you to publish your first, sexy, legal thriller series? How long have you been writing?
FPB: I was ready to release the characters from inside of my head, so I decided to put pen to paper and write what was in my head. book two is hotter, and book three will be the hottest! I have been writing books for almost a year now. Yes, I’m a newbie.

BPM: Introduce us to the people in Miami Beat II: Dilemmas!
FPB: Miami Beat II: Dilemmas is out of control with suspense, drama, and so many dilemmas. My cast of characters remains the same; some have become deeper than others.

Sidney Stevens is moving forward with her plans. Spencer MacIntyre is finding out that life is not all playing while you work!  Major Marcus Mystic has reached a major goal and then some. Vondra Mystic is totally out of control and will not stop until she gets what she wants, no matter who stands in her way.

Lucy Davis has more than she can handle when she gains custody of her grandson. Florence Stevens has more money coming in than she knows what to do with, but has no idea who has blessed her with this new found wealth.

BPM: What’s so unique about their story-line or voice in the story? What makes each one so special?
FPB: The uniqueness of the story-lines is that each character has real life issues that we all have encountered or know someone that is or has gone through them. The way that they handle their individual problems as you read on, makes them special and unique in the sense that the outcome may not be what we expect, but the issue at hand is challenged and overcome to a degree that the character can function in their day to day activities.

BPM: What are some of the other topics discussed in this book?
FPB: I touch on Domestic Violence, Mental Illness, Alcoholism, Police Brutality, LGBTQ, and Drug Abuse.

BPM: Were any of the characters personalities fictionalized versions of people from your years on the force?
FPB: Yes, some of the personalities were. When you spend 28 years, 10 hours a day, 4 days a week, not to mention riots, hurricanes and training (15 hour days) with the same people, you learn them to the point where you know what their next move would be, and what their answers to certain questions would be. So when I was creating my characters, some of my coworkers came to mind for sure.

BPM: Share one specific point in your book that resonated with your present situation.
FPB: My present situation is the closeness that Sidney and Spencer have. They share everything with each other. I based Spencer off of one of my best friends, and we go through a lot. He is the splitting image of Spencer, and we have been to “sizzle” together and he has taken me to the gay bars so that I could really write about the things that Spencer really goes through and the possessive demeanor of Steven, how he acts when he is crushing on Spencer. I really had a blast researching this with him.

BPM: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating this series?
FPB: One of the most if not the most is from the feedback of book one; How many people actually related their own experiences with the scenes and characters in the book. They are highly anticipating book two.

BPM: Do you ever have days when writing is a struggle?
FPB: Oh my gosh….yessss, I have days that I just don’t want to do anything but chill, watch TV and play “Words With Friends” on my phone. Writing is the last thing that I want to do….it’s not often, but it does happen.

BPM: What projects are you working on at the present?
FPB: I am working on a major project right now. I can’t say what it is at this time, but when I get the “nod”, you will be the first to know. I promise you that!

BPM: What legacy do you hope to leave future generations of readers with your writing?
FPB: I want everyone to know that every book isn’t a fairy-tale; that it’s not always a happy ending, and that good guys don’t always win. It’s real out there!

BPM: What is your preferred method to have readers get in touch with or follow you?
FPB: I’m always on Facebook, and IG, so they can send me messages there, they can go on my web-page and we can chat there, I love to interact with my readers. I love hearing from them and reading their feedback. It gives me fuel for the next book.

BPM: How can readers discover more about you and your work?
Facbook Profile:
Facebook Fanpage:
Miami Beat Tour Page:
Host Frederica on Tour:

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